School Success Programs

Innovative Programs for Improving Student Achievement and Teacher Effectiveness

Focused, Targeted Skill Building

We offer teacher, student, parent, special service and school staff programs for improving student achievement and behavior. Our programs break critical skills into easy to remember, easy to use, 3 to 7 mnemonic steps. Students strengthen their learning, motivation, achievement and behavior skills. Teachers improve their instruction effectiveness, student engagement, inclusion and classroom management skills.

Our Training Programs Include:

The FOCUS Success Program: 

A step by step method for strengthening the on task, attention, self control, behavior and learning skills of ADHD students. 

Teacher Classroom Management Power Program: 

Students today are described as being more disruptive, distracted, under motivated and aggressive than students in the past.  Teachers need effective, easy to use techniques for improving student behavior. This program helps improve teachers control of behaviorally challenging classes.  Teachers learn effective strategies and techniques to improve student on task behavior and achievement.   

The Weekly Power Skills Program:

A weekly email packet provides teachers with a breakthrough, innovative, easy to use curriculum for building student success skills.  General education, at risk and/or classified students learn and build academic achievement and behavior skills.  Teachers receive easy to use 3 to 5 step techniques to improve their instruction effectiveness skills. The program monitors teacher success and student achievement. 

Special Services Effectiveness Program: 

A training program which guides special service staff in using research based techniques to improve classified student achievement, teacher inclusion skills and positive parent involvement.  

Teacher Seminars:

We provide a full array of one time and ongoing teacher presentations and seminars. 

Schools Are Facing Tough Challenges

The Problem

Children have changed.  Teachers and administrators are concerned with the achievement, behavior and learning skills of students today.  Teachers often describe students today as being under motivated, impulsive, passive, disruptive, attention challenged, defiant and aggressive.

The Cause

Media stimulation, family problems,  technological over saturation, emotional difficulties, psychiatric problems and the pace of modern life are injuring some of the key learning skills that our children need for success.  

The Solution

Improving key student skills improves motivation and achievement. Targeted, step by step, skill building gives children the tools they need for success.  Teaching students how to learn works wonders.  Building key learning, attention and motivation skills on a daily basis improves student test taking and academic success. 

Our Programs Build Learning & Behavior Skills

We focus students, teachers, school staff and parents on building critical learning skills.  Our programs help build student concentration, memorization, test taking, organization, communication, study and behavior skills.  We help teachers improve the achievement of regular education, classified and at risk students.  Our programs are innovative and effective.  

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