School Success Programs

Programs for Improving Student Achievement and Teacher Effectiveness

Programs are provided on site at your school

The Teacher CLASS Success Program

A program which instructs teachers in the 5 key success areas: 

Classroom Management, Learning Engagement Affirmation - Motivation, Student Achievement & Stress Management Skills

The Student Achieve Program

The Achieve Program uses an effective, innovative method to improve student learning, focus, test taking, memorization and study skills.  

The Student SMART Program

Study, Memory, Achievement, Reading and Thinking Skill Building for All Students

Weekly Email Teacher Skill Building Program

A program which guides teachers in using effective techniques to improve student achievement and behavior. 

The Student Power Skills Program

The Power Skills Program improves the  learning, memorization, behavior, motivation, organization and academic achievement skills of regular education, at risk and/or classified students.   

The Focus Success Program

The Focus Success Program builds the key skills that ADHD students need to overcome their difficulties. 

Follow Through, Organization, Communication, Understanding & Study Skill Building

for ADHD Students

Teacher Power:  The 5 Key Classroom Management Skills

Teacher Power is a student behavior improvement program that works.  The program provides teachers with effective classroom management tools and builds student behavior and communication skills.  

Teacher Seminars & Presentations

We offer a full spectrum of teacher and staff workshops for improving teacher effectiveness and student achievement. 

Parent Seminars & Programs

We provide on site parent presentations and programs for improving parent involvement and effectiveness in strengthening student achievement skills. 

The Character Success Skills Program

The latest research now shows that improving student academic knowledge does not necessarily lead to success in college or life.  Studies are now finding that key character skills are critical to long term success.  The Character Education Success Skills Program targets improving the key achievement, communication, citizenship and success skills needed by students today.  The program is based on the breakthrough work of Paul Tough and his book "How Children Succeed:  Grit, Curiosity and the Hidden Power of Character".    

Heart Mind Body Teacher Training

This program trains teachers in an effective method to improve the engagement and achievement of students.  

Student Assessment Reports

We conduct student evaluation reports that pinpoint problems and solutions.  Our reports list the most important intervention steps for overcoming learning difficulties and improving student achievement. 

The I & RS Effectiveness Program

The I&RS Effectiveness Program empowers intervention and referral service teams and teachers.  The program guides teams in creating, implementing and monitoring effective student skill improvement strategies.  The program helps I&RS teams motivate and support effective teacher interventions to improve the behavior and achievement or at risk students. 

School Improvement Task Force

This program guides your school's leadership committee in identifying and resolving your school’s most pressing problems.  The program helps your team to implement and monitor effective solutions. 

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