School Success Programs

Teacher Seminars

Classroom Management:  The 5 Key Tools for Transforming Disruptive Students into Life Long Learners

Using the Mind Heart Body Teaching Method to Improve Student Achievement

The 5 Key Ways to Make Your I & R S Program Truly Effective

How to Use the Most Important Brain Based Research Findings to Improve Student Achievement

Helping Severely Troubled Students in the Regular Classroom

How to Improve Your Students’ Memorization Skills:  A Critical Ingredient of Academic Success

Fixing the Foundation – Transforming the Most Important Learning Skill Problems Holding a Student Back

License to Learn:  The Student Motor Vehicle Success Program for Improving School Wide Student Behavior

Improving Student Test Taking Skills

Inclusion Tools and Techniques:  7 Effective Ways to Teach Geniuses and Academically Challenged Students Side by Side

The 5 Key Tools for Motivating Underachieving Students

“What Am I Doing Here?”: Stress Management for Teacher Survival

What They Didn’t Teach You in Graduate School:  How to Effectively Multitask Your Classroom

The 7 Most Practical and Effective Strategies for Helping Students with Attention and Concentration Problems

The 10 Secret of Teachers Who Possess Exceptional Classroom Management Skills

Cultural Sensitivity:  Understanding the Impact of Culture on Students and Promoting Positive Diversity

Disrespect, Over Stimulation and No Work Ethic:  Overcoming the Problem with Kids Today 

Process Improvement Task Force: Identifying Your School’s Most Pressing Problems and Creating Powerful Solutions

The Importance of Teacher Personality: Understanding Your Personality Strengths and Weaknesses to Improve Your Student Engagement Percentage

Light a Fire - Bring Life Back Into Your Classroom:  Getting Beyond Student Boredom, Apathy and Distraction

The 10 Magical Teacher Skills for Improving Student Organization, Responsibility and Self Discipline Skills

Using Individual Student Learning Styles to Maximize Learning and Motivation

7 Simple, Straight Forward, Easy to Use, Classroom Behavior Modification Techniques

A 20 Minute Per Week Curriculum to Improve Student Communication, Character and Self Esteem

Using The Heart Mind Body Discussion Method to Improve Student Reasoning, Problem Solving and Communication 

Safe Schools:  How to Prevent School Violence and Crisis

Bully Proofing Your School

Character Education on Steroids

The 5 Most Effective Ways to Get Parents to Improve Study and Achievement Skills in Their Children

The 5 Key Components of an Effective Crisis Intervention Program

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