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Parent Support Programs

The Parent 10 Minute a Day Success Building Program

This program guides parents in building their children's learning, study, communication and homework skills.  Parents are engaged to more effectively oversee their children’s academic understanding, organization, follow through, preparation, self discipline, project completion, problem solving and memorization skills.   This program uses: 1) a Success Power Notebook, 2) a skill building curriculum, and, 3) E-mail two way communication, to strengthen student learning and academic success skills.   

The Parent Power Telephone Coaching Program

Schools are often frustrated in their attempts to get the parents of under motivated, learning challenged and disruptive students to come to school for meetings or participate in parent support groups.  It is often difficult to sustain face to face parent involvement.  Parents today are very busy, stressed and frustrated themselves.  They often only hear negative reports from school about their children without getting the support, guidance, suggestions and positive help that they desire.  Parents may feel that it is a school's responsibility to solve their children's problems.  Schools, on the other hand, seek active parent engagement, cooperation and partnership.  This program provides Weekly Multi Parent Support Conference Call Sessions and/or 10 minute individual parent telephone coaching sessions to help parents build success skills in their children.   Our conference calls allow parents to remain anonymous and just  listen in on the weekly Parent Power Tips.  We help parents strengthen their effectiveness and find solutions to their children’s school difficulties.  We help parents increase their power and influence by guiding the effective use of rewards and consequences.    

The Weekly Parent Support & Guidance Program:

Tips, Telephone Broadcast Messaging, E-mail & Newsletters to Improve Parent Effectiveness

This program sends important messages and suggestions to parents through a telephone broadcast system and Internet communication.  Parents get short helpful ideas, tips, reminders and techniques that can help improve student self discipline, study habits, motivation and homework completion.  Unlike the two way communication of the Parent Telephone Coaching Program, this program provides one way suggestion, advice, newsletters and tips to parents to help them strengthen their child's success skills. 

Parent 'Report Cards' for Guiding Effective Parent Actions

This program uses a comical report card format to remind parents of their critical importance in their child’s education and learning.  Reports cards are graded by children and/or parents.  Report card content is brief and can be determined by teachers and school staff.  Items may include: Learning Discussions: “How often do I talk to my child about what he or she is learning?”, Positive Motivation: “Was I able to motivate my child by building his or her self esteem concerning his or her school work and positive efforts?".  

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