School Success Programs

Parent Seminars

Our parent seminars are often delivered in a Monthly Parent Support Program format.  Our parent seminars include: 

Creating a Goal Focused Child:  How to Build Persistence, Self Esteem, Success and Hard Work Skills in Your Child

The SMART Success Seminar:  How to Build Study, Memory, Achievement, Reading and Thinking Skills in Your Child

The FOCUS ADD Success Method:  How to Build Foundation, Organization, Communication, Understanding and Study Skills in Attention Challenged Children

Today’s Experiment in Child Rearing:  How Media and Technology Are Injuring the Learning Potential of Our Children and What You Can Do About It

College Success:  The 5 Actions for Helping Your Child Get into a Great College

What Every Parent of an Attention Challenged Child Should Know About Helping Children with Attention Difficulties

The 5 Magical Parenting Tools for Improving Your Child’s Behavior and Communication

The Heart Mind Body Parenting Method:  3 Key Ingredients for Making a Happy, Healthy Successful Child

Not Too Hard – Not Too Soft:  How to Unspoil, Discipline and Deeply Love Our Children

"You Can't Make Me!":  How to Deal with Back Talk, Defiance and Aggression in Our Children Today

Improving Your Child’s Study Skills:  Helping Your Child Succeed in School

The 5 Key Ways to Improve Your Child’s Test Taking Skills

Talk Smart:  How to Improve Parent - Child Communication

Keeping Your Child Safe, Healthy and Happy in an Unsafe World

Building Your Child's Self Esteem, Confidence, Motivation and Success Skills

Helping Your Special Needs Child to Succeed

“Is This My Child?”:  Dealing Effectively With the Impulses, Peers and Desires of Your Teenager

How to Talk to Your Child About Drugs, Sex, Violence and Danger

"Does My Child Have Attention Deficit Disorder?" and How to Help Your Improve His or Her Concentration, Attention and Organization Skills Regardless

Stress and Time Management for Parents with Too Much Stress and No Time

Having a Healthy, Happy Baby:  Vital Information for Expecting and New Parents

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