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The SMART Success Seminar:  How to Build Study, Memory, Achievement, Reading and Thinking Skills in Your Child

Many schools do not directly teach children how to learn.  Schools, at times, teach students what to learn and hope that this will lead to learning how to learn.  However, there are a handful of key Learning Skills that create a foundation for learning and success that all students need to have.  When the learning of these skills is haphazard, not prioritized or left to chance, children may get turned off to school work or not work up to their full potential.  This seminar provides parents with a method to build the key skills a child needs in order to be successful in school today. 

The FOCUS ADD Success Method:  How to Build Foundation, Organization, Communication, Understanding and Study Skills in Attention Challenged Children

Attention challenged children have difficulties in very specific areas.  However, teachers and parents too often take the bait of falling into the negative interaction cycles that these children use to distract adults and peers from discovering their belief that they are dumb.  Consequently the situation is made worse.  These children are not dumb or lacking in intelligence.  Their minds in fact are quite active and their learning capacities are excellent.  However, these children need positive reinforcement for building the critical skills they need in order to learn.  This seminar provides parents with a method for improving the most important learning skills and motivation of ADD children.  

Creating a Goal Focused Child:  Building Persistence, Self Esteem, Success and Hard Work Skills in Your Child

Children today want instant results.  They want things to come fast and easy.  School work today, however, is harder than ever.  Many children get frustrated and give up too easily.  Children need determination, self discipline and goal focus to succeed in today’s tough world.  This seminar helps parents to use a practical 10 minute a day method for building critical Goal Focus Success Skills in their children.  This seminar helps parents to build the most important Success Skills children will need to succeed in school and in life. 

"You Can't Make Me!":  How to Deal with Back Talk, Defiance and Aggression in Our Children Today

Children today learn extremely negative behaviors from T.V., peers and movies. This seminar helps parents to deal effectively with their children's fresh, defiant and aggressive behaviors.  Parents learn the 5 more important techniques for improving their child's behavior and communication.  Parents learn how to avoid power struggles and fights while motivating positive interactions. This seminar teaches parents how to improve their child's self discipline, motivation and success skills.

College Success:  The 5 Actions for Helping Your Child Get into a Great College

Intense competition for a limited number of spots has made the college application challenge more difficult than ever.  The application process is a first ‘real world’ test that teenagers face in making the transition from childhood to adulthood.  Time management, peer distractions, insecurity, procrastination, deadlines, homework, commitment to sports, confusion and fear are only a few of the barriers that can get in the way of successful college application.  This seminar will provide parents with a daily approach for helping their children prioritize and succeed in the college application process.

The 5 Magical Parenting Tools for Improving Your Child’s Behavior and Communication

Children today are exposed to constant violence and aggression on TV and the media.  An average child sees 28,000 murders by the time they are 18 years old.  Children learn from TV that sarcasm, put downs, threats, defiance and aggression is the only form of conflict resolution.  Children today see fresh, wise cracking, sarcastic role models on TV.  This seminar provides parents with a method for improving their children’s communication and behavior. 

The Heart Mind Body Parenting Method:  3 Key Ingredients for Making a Happy, Healthy Successful Child

We live In a busy world.  Parents today have less influence over their children than ever.  Children today learn many of their values and behaviors from TV and the media.  Parents, trying to make ends meet, are less available for their children than ever before.  The ingredients of building a wonderful child involve building Heart, Mind and Body Skills in our children.  This seminar gives parents an easy to use method to help children develop the emotional, motivation, thinking, problem solving, communication and action skills they will need for life long happiness. 

Today’s Experiment in Child Rearing:  How Media and Technology Are Injuring the Learning Potential of Our Children and What You Can Do About It

Never before in history have children been raised with so much exposure to technology and media.  An average child sits in front of a TV, video or computer screen about 5 to 7 hours each day.  This hyper stimulation of their right brains may be having a detrimental effect upon their left brain learning skills.  This seminar will help parents to understand the effect that media and technology are having on our children and what they need to do to counter this powerful force. 

What Every Parent of an Attention Challenged Child Should Know About Helping Children with Attention Difficulties

Many people believe that ADD is a myth or an excuse.  Many teachers and parents believe that these children just need a tough, ‘kick in the behind’ approach.  Many parents try to use the techniques of their parents to instill self discipline in their ADD child.  The tough approach often backfires with these children, pouring gasoline on the fire.  ADD children can be very emotionally reactive, stubborn, defiant and in need of the stimulation that negative attention gives them.  These children do need intense structure and consequences but respond better to positive incentive in comparison to threats, yelling and punishment.  This seminar will introduce parents to the ABC Method of guiding an attention challenged child and a much better understanding of this neurologically based problem.  These creative, intelligent, strong willed children thrive in the correct environment. 

Not Too Hard – Not Too Soft:  How to Unspoil, Discipline and Deeply Love Our Children

“It’s too late mom and dad, you already spoiled me”.  Many children today are overindulged and spoiled.  In our efforts to be wonderful parents it is often hard to see our children upset or unhappy.  Parents are not able to spend as much time with their children as in the past and, therefore, do not want to the time together to be filled with tension or conflict.  Many parents today have a difficulty in finding the right balance between being strict and giving in.  Sometimes one parent wants to be tough and the other parent wants to spoil.  One parent may be the strict one and the other does not get into fights, problems and upsets.  This seminar presents the problems parents face today and helps parents to find the right balance in order to raise a child with self discipline, confidence and self esteem without expecting everything to be given to him without work or effort. 

Improving Your Child’s Study Skills:  Helping Your Child Succeed in School

Parents face frustration and fights when it comes to helping their children succeed in school.  Academic pressures, homework requirements and standardized tests are more rigorous and intense than ever.  Research studies show that behind successful students are involved, positive parents.  Being an involved parent, however, is not easy when your child has a strong will, is over scheduled and/or is turned off to the hard work demanded of children today.  This forum helps parents to help their children develop effective homework and study skills.

The 5 Key Ways to Improve Your Child’s Test Taking Skills

Academic pressures and requirements are more intense and demanding than ever.  Good student test taking skills are essential for a child’s success in school and life today.  This seminar helps parents improve their children’s test taking skills in the classroom and on standardized testing. 

Talk Smart:  How to Improve Parent - Child Communication

This seminar helps parents to keep open the lines of communication with their children.  Parents learn how to get children to express their emotional and social problems in order to help their children develop new skills and overcome emotional difficulties. 

Keeping Your Child Safe, Healthy and Happy in an Unsafe World

Today's world is dangerous for children.  Internet seductions, rape, kidnapping and violence scare all of us.  This seminar helps parents to identify risks to their children's safety.  It helps parents to take the necessary steps to protect their children from harm.  It instructs parents on how to more effectively protect their children and keep them safe. 

Building Your Child's Self Esteem, Confidence, Motivation and Success Skills

Schools today are demanding more from children then ever before.  This seminar helps parents build their children’s confidence and motivation to succeed in today’s intensely pressured world. 

Helping Your Special Needs Child to Succeed

This seminar helps parents to get help in dealing with the demands and challenges of bringing up children with cognitive, hearing, physical, learning and/or emotional difficulties. 

“Is This My Child?”:  Dealing Effectively With the Impulses, Peers and Desires of Your Teenager

Raising a teenager is very stressful.  This forum helps parent learn how get their children and themselves through the turmoil and dangers of adolescence.  Parents improve their ability to help their children develop positive decision making, communication and friendship decisions.

How to Talk to Your Child About Drugs, Sex, Violence and Danger

Children today are surrounded with frightening news stories and dangerous choices.  Children today, more than ever, need help and guidance from parents in dealing with the demands and dangers of the world.  This seminar helps parents give their children the information and skills needed to avoid drug use, dangerous sex and unsafe situations.

"Does My Child Have Attention Deficit Disorder?" and How to Help Improve His or Her Concentration, Attention and Organization Skills Regardless

Many parents are frustrated in their attempts to get their children to do homework and be responsible.  Many parents fear that their child may have attention problems or do not know what to do after hearing from a teacher that their child is distractible or does not pay attention.  This seminar increases parent knowledge concerning ADD, attention problems and how to help children with these difficulties.  Parents learn how to help their child study more effectively, become more organized and control their restlessness, distractibility and concentration problems.

Stress and Time Management for Parents with Too Much Stress and No Time

Parents need help.  Parenting is the hardest job there is.  This seminar gives parents the tools to feel calmer and support themselves.  This seminar teaches parents a method of refueling themselves so that they can deal with the difficulties of parenting in today’s hectic world. 

Having a Healthy, Happy Baby:  Vital Information for Expecting and New Parents

Preparing for a child and making the right decisions during the first years of a child's life is critically important.  This seminar helps expecting and new parents get the information they need to support their child's nutritional, emotional and safety needs. 

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