School Success Programs

Our School Programs


Teacher Seminars & Presentations

Workshops For Improving Teacher Effectiveness and Student Achievement


Parent Seminars & Programs

Innovative Presentations and Programs for Improving Parent Involvement in Building Student Achievement


The SMART Achievement Program

Study, Memory, Achievement, Reading and Thinking Skill Building for All Students


The FOCUS ADD Success Program

Foundation, Organization, Communication, Understanding and Study Skill Building for ADD Students



Character Building Program

The Goal Focused Child Program Improves the Achievement and Citizenship Skills of Today's Media Saturated Students



Online Skill Building

The 10 Minute a Day Program for Building Student Learning, Communication, Study and Achievement Skills



The CONTROL Classroom Management Program

Giving Teachers Easy to Use Tools and Techniques for Transforming Disruptive Students Into Life Long Learners



The Heart Mind Body Teaching Method

Instructing Teachers in an Effective Method for Improving the Engagement and Achievement of Today’s Media Saturated Students


Student Assessment Reports

Action Evaluation Reports That Pinpoint the Most Important Intervention Steps for Improving Student Achievement



The I & RS Effectiveness Program

For Helping I & R S Teams and Teachers Create, Implement and Monitor Effective Skill Improvement Strategies



School Improvement Task Force

Empowering a Committee To Identify Your School’s Most Pressing Problems and Implement the Most Effective Solutions 



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