School Success Programs

The Teacher CLASS Success Program

A Research Based Teaching Method for Improving Teacher Engagement, Disruption Control, Student Achievement and Personal Satisfaction Skills

C  Classroom Management Tools

L   Learning Engagement Skill Training

A   Affirmation Student Motivation Tools

S   Student Achievement Skill Building

S   Stress Management - Self Nurturing Tools

Classroom Management Techniques: 

Teachers receive instruction in a effective classroom management methods to improve the quality and quantity of classroom learning time. 

Learning Engagement Skill Training: 

Teachers are guided in the use of an engagement teaching method which captures student interest by using multiple learning styles. 

Affirmation Motivation Tools: 

Teachers are trained in using a technique for building student intellectual confidence, motivation and active learning skills. 

Student Achievement Skill Building: 

Teachers use a method to guide students in improving key learning, study, behavior, organization, test taking and memorization skills. 

Stress Management Training

Teaching is very difficult and stressful.  Teachers are trained in a method to nurture and care for themselves in order to maximize their energy & enthusiasm. 

The program uses in-service training, email and teacher self monitoring to strengthen teacher effectiveness.