School Success Programs

The ACHIEVE Program

Improving Learning, Behavior and Academic Skills of Regular Education, ADHD, I & R S and/or Special Needs Students


The 7 Program Steps: 

A Arouse Motivation

C Create the Doing Great Charts

H Hold Success Building Sessions

I  Involve Parents

E Engage Students in Daily Skill Practice

V Validate & Reward Improvement

E Enjoy the Results

Program Components: 

Leadership: A team guides the program’s scope and implementation.  The program can target at risk, special services, I & R S, general education or all students. 

Doing Great Charts:  Doing Great Charts identify the 2 most important target goals that each student needs to improve in order to significantly raise his or her class performance. 

Success Workbooks:  The workbooks contain the Weekly Power Skills, Daily Skill Challenges, Doing Great Charts, Success Checklists, Teacher - Parent Communication Sheets and the Success Treasure Map. 

Instruction:  Instruction sheets provide teachers and students with an easy to understand explanation of the program. 

Skill Building: The SCORE Method is used to guide individual, class, parent and/or mentor skill building sessions. 

Monitoring & Rewards:  The Success Treasure Map and Doing Great Charts track student progress and earn students praise, recognition, ‘high 5’s’, extra privileges and rewards. 

Results:  The Student Achieve Program builds student motivation and success.  Students learn the magic of skill building, targeting and achieving goals, how to identify and overcome problems and getting good grades. 

We use a Train the Trainer Format to guide your staff

 in implementing and overseeing the program.