School Success Programs

The SMART Program

For Building Student:




      Reading and

      Thinking Skills


Program Description:

This program utilizes a variety of components for building the achievement skills of learning challenged students. 

Program Components:

Doing Great Charts

Students are focused on improving the 2 most important skills that they need to strengthen in order to improve their achievement.  Students are scored on their effort and actions in building these critical sk

Skill Curriculum

A 10 minute a day learning and success skill building curriculum is used. Skills are broken down into 3 to 5 easy to understand and easy to use steps. The curriculum instructs students in learning, communication and study skills.


Schools can be guided in setting up a teacher mentorship program.  Students can then be set up with an in school mentor to guide, oversee and monitor their progress.  Teacher mentor volunteers from within the school are trained by the SMART Program Staff.

Use of a Daily Success Checklist

A CHECK List format helps students to build the organization, work completion and follow through skills they need for success. 

Group Instruction

SMART Skill Building Classes instruct students in critical skills.  Classes are used to monitor student progress, role play the use of Success Skills and provide positive peer team support. 

Progress Road Map

A Progress Road Map charts each student’s advancement.  Students can see how far they have come on the journey of mastering key learning and success skills. 

E-mail Training and Reminders

E-mail is sent to students and/or parents to maximize the strengthening of the key SMART Skills. 


Evaluation of student learning strengths and weaknesses are conducted to guide intervention and individual student goals and focus. 

Positive Parent Involvement

Parents are guided to help oversee and monitor the building of SMART Skills. 


The Progress Road Map and a Point System are used to reward students with certificates, rankings, small gifts and symbols of success and accomplishment. 


A teacher, parent, mentor and success program staff coordination system is used to maximize communication and focus student skill building.