School Success Programs

The Power Success Skills Program

A Breakthrough Method of Improving Student Achievement

What is The Power Skills Program?

It is a curriculum for improving student success presented in a workbook format. The book helps students learn how to learn. Students improve their focus, behavior, academic engagement, memorization and learning skills.

Why Is The Workbook So Effective?

The book is a breakthrough and unlike any other book in the field. Key skills are broken down into component 3 to 5 step, mnemonic sub-skills and presented in an easy to learn format. Colorful graphics make skill memorization easy. Students delight in the book’s theme of power and success. Students see their progress on the Power Treasure Map. The book builds student self esteem and motivation.

What Skills Do Students Learn?

Teachers, guidance and/or special service staff get a structured and easy way to strengthen student learning and behavior skills. The book builds student attention, problem solving, learning, study, test taking, self discipline, memorization and communication skills.

How Do Students Build Their Achievement Skills?

The book guides students in learning and using: 

1) A new key Success Skill each week

2) 10 minute daily Power Challenges to solidify skill mastery

3) Doing Great Charts to identify and improve the 2 most important skills which can significantly improve a child’s success

4) A Success Checklist to strengthen organization, follow through and responsibility skills.

Which Students Can Gain From the Workbook?

The book helps regular education, at risk and/or classified students ages 7 to 16. The workbook can be used with individuals, targeted student groups or entire classes.