School Success Programs

The Weekly Teacher Skill Building Email Program

A Breakthrough Approach for Improving Teacher Skills

Academic standards are higher than ever. Financial resources are severely restricted. Children have changed and are less available for learning than ever before. Teachers are stressed. Teachers need help, support and effective instructional techniques. Traditional teaching methods are often not effective. Teacher seminars often do not have 'staying power'. Research shows that no matter how inspired or motivated seminar participants are, at the end of a training, 90 % of what is learned is either forgotten or not used within 3 days. In order for training and skill building to be effective it must be ongoing and actively used.

The Power Skill Building Program Works Because:

Training is Ongoing: Teachers receive a Power Skill each week.

Learning is Active: A weekly challenge guides teachers in using the Power Skill.

Skills are Easy to Use: The email provides teachers with 3 to 5 step, easy to learn, easy to remember and easy use, mnemonic skills.

Effectiveness is Monitored: Teachers fill out a quick online 3 question survey each week to determine if they used the Power Skill and whether or not it was helpful.

Collaboration is Motivating: Teachers find out which skills their colleagues used and found effective. Teachers post and share their own successful skill tools.

Training is Time Effective & Quick: Teachers are overloaded and stressed. The Power Skill Program only takes a few minutes of a teacher’s time.

Each Week Teachers Receive:

1. The 3 to 5 step mnemonic Power Skill

2. The Power Challenge to guide teachers in using the skill.

3. The 3 Question Online Feedback and Skill Use Survey

4. The Results of last week’s teacher survey.

5. The Success Wall; colleagues’ suggestions and support communications

Potential Training Focus Areas Include:

Classroom & Behavior Management Skills, Instruction Effectiveness, Student Engagement & Motivation Tools, Student Study & Test Taking Skill Improvement, Teacher Stress Management & Self Nurturing Tools.

Support Options:

We can combine the program with regularly occurring (e.g., monthly, weekly) teacher training support sessions, seminars and/or telephone coaching sessions.