School Success Programs

The FOCUS ADD Success Program

For Building the

        Follow Through



     Understanding and

      Study Skills


                 of Attention Challenged Students

Program Description:

Attention challenged students have difficulties in very specific areas.  These problems lead to frustration, anger and giving up.  Teachers and parents often take the bait of falling into negative interaction cycles with these children.  ADD students try to distract everyone from discovering their belief that they are dumb.  These children are not dumb or lacking in intelligence.  Their minds are, in fact, very active and their learning capacities are excellent.  However, these children need positive reinforcement for building critical learning, communication, relaxation, motivation and self discipline skills.  This program uses a number of methods to build the most important learning skills to help ADD students succeed. 

Program Components:

Doing Great Charts

Doing Great Charts specific the 2 most important skills a student needs to strengthen that can dramatically improve his or her achievement.  Daily, simple chart scoring, recognition of effort and rewards motivate students to succeed.

FOCUS Skill Curriculum

Students learn how to learn.  Students are instructed in the Key FOCUS Success skills that will make learning easier for them. 


Students can be set up with in school mentors to guide, oversee and monitor their progress.  Teacher mentors from within the school are guided by FOCUS Program Staff. 

Use of a Daily Success Checklist

A CHECK List helps ADHD students to build the organization, work completion and follow through skills they need for success. 

Group Instruction

Daily or weekly FOCUS Skill Building Classes are used to instruct students in specific skills, monitor student progress and create positive peer team support to increase motivation. 

Visual Progress Road Map

A Progress Road Map charts the successful mastery of key learning and success skills. 

E-mail Training and Reminders

E-mail is sent to students and/or parents to maximize the strengthening of the key FOCUS Skills. 


Evaluation of student learning strengths and weaknesses is conducted to help guide intervention and individual student focus. 

Parent Involvement in Skill Building

Parents are guided to help oversee and monitor the building of FOCUS Skills in their children. 

Motivation:  Peer Team Work and a Reward System

A peer team work format and reward system is used to increase motivation.  A point system is used to provide students with certificates, rankings, small gifts and symbols of their success and accomplishment.  Student achievement is recognized and cheered on by peers and adults. 


A teacher, parent, mentor and success program staff communication system is created to maximize focused adult guidance of students. 

Program Benefits:

Skill Building

The program improves the Learning, Communication, Study, Understanding, Reading, Problem Solving and Work Skills of ADHD Students.  

Teacher Empowerment

The program provides teachers with tools, techniques and methods that help control ADHD student disruptions and guide their on task actions. 


The program provides help and support to students in the least restrictive environment. 

Lifelong Success

The program builds critical Success Skills in ADHD students that last a lifetime. 

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