School Success Programs

The Online Success Skill Building Course

For Building Student Learning, Communication and Study Skills

Program Description:

This program utilizes a variety of electronic communication channels to guide the building of student achievement and Success Skills.  Students and/or their parents receive e-mail, instant messages, voice mail and podcasts instructing them in easy to use techniques, skills and methods for improving their comprehension, listening, follow through, memorization, problem solving and other critical to academic success skills.  A Progress Road Map charts their success and advancement.  

The Online Success Skill Building Program has two different formats.  The Communication Success Format guides students in need of improving their behavior, communication and emotional control skills.  The Learning Success Format guides students in building key study, organization, test taking and learning skills.  The level of parent involvement in the program depends on a student’s age, grade, independent learning capacities and/or level of maturity. 

Program Components:

Daily E-mail Skill Instruction

Students and/or their parents receive daily E-mails.  Monday’s E-mail introduces the Power Success Skill of the week.  Skills are broken down into 3 to 5 step sub skills to make skill acquisition easy.  Each day of the week a child and/or parent receives another e-mail explaining how to use one of the 3 to 5 component sub skills.  Learning of the critical success skills is cumulative and easy because children build these skills one step, one day and one sub skill at a time. 

Daily 10 Minute Skill Mastery Challenge

The program involves a learn by doing format in which a child is asked to perform a short challenge to demonstrate his or her mastery of the day’s Power Skill (i.e., the main weekly skill or one of its component sub skills). 

Progress Road Map

A visual Progress Road Map is used to help students see their progress on the road to power and success. 


Parents are asked to reward and reinforce their child when he or she advances to critical places and cross roads on the Progress Road Map. 

Program Benefits:

Critical Skill Building

The program helps students to build key learning and communication skills. 

Motivation and Pride

Students experience success as they use the 3 to 5 step skills to improve their achievement and success in school. 

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