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 Heart Mind Body Teaching

Heart Mind Body Teaching is a program which instructs teachers in using an effective method for improving the motivation and achievement of today’s media saturated, under motivated and learning challenged students.  

Program Description:

Children Have Changed

Students today think, feel, talk, act and learn differently than students of the past.  Never before in history have children been exposed to such intense doses of technological stimulation.  An average child watches 5 to 7 hours a day of TV, computer screens and audio visual stimulation.  These levels of exposure are changing the way our children think and learn.  The colors, lights, explosions, aggression and bullet fast action of media and computer games are hyper stimulating the right brain activity of our children.  The right brain is responsible for non verbal intelligence including body movement, music, art, dance, visual and spatial activities.  This hyper stimulation may be occurring at the expense of left brain activity.  Left brain activity includes verbal learning, language, math, problem solving, understanding and sequencing skills.  Left brain skills are essential for success in school and in life.  The current educational ‘fad’ of utilizing multiple student learning styles is only half correct.  Although students can assimilate learning faster and easier in their preferred learning style areas, the other, non preferred verbal, left brain skills, are still necessary for academic and job success.  We can ‘over diorama’ students by engaging them in fun projects but still not build the foundation learning skills that they need for  achievement and career advancement. 

Heart Mind Body Teaching

The Heart Mind Body Teaching Method solves this problem; it combines both right and left brain learning in order to increase student motivation and verbal skills.  This method holds that learning involves three areas: the Heart, the Mind and the Body.  Each of these areas contribute to, and are essential for, understanding and knowledge.  The three learning areas are:

1) The Heart - Heart Learning involves a student's motivation, emotions, concentration, engagement, focus, attention, connection with others and openness to help. 

2) The Mind - Mind Learning involves a student's understanding, memorization, problem solving, academic content knowledge and active discovery skills. 

3) The Body - Body Learning involves a student's capacity for communication, application of what is learned, test taking skills, self identity and contribution to others. 

Heart Mind Body Teaching involves: 1) the Heart; engaging a student's emotions, focus and motivation, 2) the Mind; building a student's knowledge, understanding, problem solving, study and memorization skills, and, 3) the Body; strengthening a student's confidence, test taking, self expression, communication and citizenship contribution skills. 

The Heart, Mind, Body Teaching Program instructs teachers in how to improve student engagement, motivation, learning and achievement by captivating a student's heart, mind and body. 

Teacher Involvement

The delivery of this program is flexible and uses daily e-mail training, reminders, challenges, tips and instruction, as well as face to face teacher instruction.  The program involves teachers as active participants in component creation and how the method is implemented in their classrooms.  Teachers are tired of having to learn the new ‘educational fad' of the year training program which is shelved the following year.  Heart, Mind Body Teaching provides teachers with tools they can use year after year.  Teachers act as a task force to define and develop a common, effective school philosophy and teaching method. 

Program Components:

Heart Mind Body Collaboration Sessions

Teachers work together to find effective ways to use program resources in accord with their own personal needs, preferences, strategy and teaching styles. 

Teacher Instruction

Teachers receive training in the use The Heart Mind Body Teaching Method. 

E-Mail Support

Teachers receive e-mail reminders, challenges, tips and instruction to help ongoing implementation of the system. 


Program Objectives and Benefits:

Positive Student Engagement

The Heart Mind Body Method is designed to increase student interest, desire, motivation, engagement and active learning.

Improved Student Learning Skills

The program is designed to improve the most important student learning skills.  A focus is placed on helping students learn how to learn.  Students strengthen their memorization, test taking, study, comprehension, problem solving, homework, follow through, self discipline, writing, organization and other critical skills involved in high achievement learning. 

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